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I've had a lot of fun with this, it's so simple but really addictive and you always think you can do a bit better next time around, like in all good rogue likes. The theme is original, love the idea of being a bear in the woods! I think the idea that the bear prefers stalks to flowers is really clever, it makes for some interesting strategy in deciding where to go next.


I liked this game so much that I had to keep trying until I won!


This game was super fun and true to genre. I loved the feeling of being alone in a little valley surrounded by mountains. Can you win the game?? It's hard enough that I didn't even make it to winter.


Made a video



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Pretty cool! Finished with 37 score after a few tries. Best game ending :D Happy bear life

I love this game's aesthetic ♥

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I really like the little tune that plays at the beginning, along with the little effects as you play the game. PICO-8 games usually have a pretty contemporary chiptune style, but this really felt like something that would have been on the 2600 or a similar system back in the day. Your effort towards the craft really paid off here!


Fun game but hard.  I expected humans to give nutrition!

This might be my favorite 7DRL entry from this year so far. The theme is so cute, the visual style is beautiful, I love the amount of attention to detail you put into the changing of the seasons, I like the mechanic of the lumberjacks and hunters. The gameplay is so addictive. Amazing job.