Floppy D!sk Deluxe

Want to be the best Floppy D!sk player in the world? Floppy D!sk Deluxe introduce global online leaderboards!!

Floppy D!sk "deluxe" version is an extension of the original CGAJam entry. The game has been shown at two festivals (Numerik Games 2017 and GGC2017) and received many improvements besides the online mode: New weapons, tweaks, CRT shader and one mini-boss! It has been interesting to show the game, get feedback and meet players. The festival version has a local leaderboard which enabled competition among the visitors. It didn't took long before having recurring players trying to beat each other and get to the top.

In addition a dedicated controller has been developped especially for festivals. It's custom built using an Arduino, arcade buttons and a bit of soldering. Communication with the controller is estalished through serial USB connection.

Hopefully you will have as much fun playing the game as I had creating it!



Floppy D!sk (deluxe version) 6 MB
Sep 25, 2017

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Dear Zapped Cow, 

We heard about Floppy D!sk 5 years agothrough friends who met you at Numerik Games. We absolutely love this bunny.

Next week we are going to a local festival in Western France and wish to present Floppy D!sk to the young public in one of our arcades, would you be ok with that ?