DISCLAIMER: Currently the game is out of service!

End Game is the bullet hell MMO game you never asked for!

Crafted in 7 days for the Bullet Hell Jam.

code/design/art: ZappedCow
art: PracticalGameDev
sfx: Jasmin Ardim
music: Waltson Tanaka

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorsZappedCow, Tanaka, Jasmine Jardim
TagsBullet Hell, Multiplayer, Pixel Art


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man Online this game is dead I dont find anyone


whooaaaa how did you add multiplayer? this is awesome it reminds me of RotMG


soo cool, congrats


It says failed to create game after i put my name in.

Just checked, everything seems correct. Was there an error code? Did you tried again?

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Yes i have tried multiple times maybe it might be my internet?

Good game.

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My highest position is 11 lol. This is rather fun

Amazingly effective for such a simple idea. I'd like a little more contrast between my character and everyone else in the crowd, but maybe that lack of contrast is part of the challenge. 10 is my highest finish so far.

SUPER FUN ty for making such a cool game 

This is an incredibly solid concept for a game jam! Congrats to everyone involved. I couldn't help playing again and again to try and get better! :)